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Not all population management tools are created equal. We focus on four aspects to population management. The four aspects listed below are the items that determined our approach and as we enhance our processes, we keep these in mind for optimal results.

    1. Technical
  • Does the PVBMhealth application measure what it claims?

    Our application accurately and precisely measures what we claim? It is a secure repository for protected patient information. Our approach is to easily move information into a usable format including for interoperability.

  • 2. Clinical
  • Population Management systems improve condition-specific outcomes. Our application sets the clinical gold standard on enabling population management and achieving better condition-specific outcomes.

  • 3. Usability
  • Our application is designed so that patients can easily use it correctly for its intended tasks, including navigation, data entry and accessibility.

  • 4. Cost
  • Our application provides for a low cost of ownership for the health system using the application and the associated information. Minimize any expense associated with bringing the data into an electronic medical record format and displaying data in a way that is useful for clinicians and patients is the goal. Establishing a rate of return on population management and better outcomes is achieved by using our application.

Social Determinants of Health

Risk scores and risk stratification techniques are foundational for any successful population health management program. What are some of the considerations for developing this data?

Population health management requires providers to maintain a delicate balance between taking a long view of generalized patient trends and focusing personal attention on the individual and the distinctive circumstances that will influence her journey towards better health.

Organizations can develop risk scores by examining large cohorts of patients with similar characteristics, extracting key clinical and lifestyle indicators from those cases, and using algorithms to chart how those factors influence ultimate outcomes.

They can then compare other patients exhibiting similar clinical patterns to the validated historical data, which may help predict what will happen in the future.

Getting as far ahead of negative outcomes as possible is the key to successfully transitioning to a value-based world.

PVBMHealth looks at two aspects of health. We consider both social determinants of health for non-medical needs as well as physical health risks. With PVBMHealth a health organization can present their members a tool that engages all members and then scores the individual to present overall health stratification. Each organization member is presented with an application that will guide them to answer specific questions in both medical and non-medical domains.

When we couple the Risk Stratification with SDOH overlay, our proprietary AI technology can then determine medical necessities for each individual patient with regard to assessments, diagnostics and ancillaries. This provides us with both a cost for caring for these populations, as well as a revenue target in the Medicare or fee for service sector. New paragraph

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